Real Decks for Real Nebraskans

Online, your decking options seem limitless. You may have jotted down notes on every kind of construction material as you feasted your eyes on decks from all over the world.

We’re glad you’re having so much fun. Just remember: this is your deck, not somebody else’s. We’ve had clients who have shown us deck designs they saw online—but those decks were built in Florida, or Arizona. They wouldn’t last here in the Cornhusker State.

You deserve to make this a reality. And that means you deserve a deck custom-made for Omaha, Nebraska.

Decks for Nebraskan Weather

Whether you’ve just moved in or lived here all your life, you’ve probably noticed that the weather here is a little crazy. The temperature fluctuates, and the wind is unpredictable.

Some people have augmented their DIY decks with shade sails or flexible awnings—only to find themselves chasing that fabric down the street!

 Rookie mistakes aren’t always that obvious, though. Building in Nebraska means planning for the deck to expand and contract—just a little—with humidity and temperature. It means choosing materials that can outlast the occasional hailstorm.

You need a deck company that knows Nebraska.

Avoid Costly Deck Mistakes

We’ve been designing and building Omaha Decks since 1980. Right from the beginning, we’ve insisted on creating decks that last. And they have lasted.

If a deck can be built in Omaha, we know how to build it. And if it can’t, we’ll let you know—always. Helping our clients avoid mistakes is a mark of professional pride.

But that doesn’t mean squashing your creativity—far from it. With our expertise, we’ll help you expand on your original idea—and we’ll make sure it can stand the test of time.

Call us today to make your deck dreams into a reality.

Health Benefits of Owning a Deck

These days, just relaxing is an accomplishment. If you set aside time for rest and then find yourself scrolling through your mobile device until your eyes dry out, you’re not alone.

We feel that way, too, sometimes. Sometimes we have to go outside to feel like normal humans again.

Imagine going out on your brand-new low-maintenance deck. Close the door behind you and breathe the fresh air. Stretch your limbs and take in some sunlight. You always feel better afterward.

Why not make this a part of your every day? Relaxing on the deck doesn’t just feel better than sitting inside. It’s better for you.

Your Deck Could Help You Live Longer

Here’s what we know: more time outside means lower stress, and lower stress means a lower risk of . . . pretty much everything.

The biggest killers in modern life—heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and so on—are linked to inflammation. And inflammation gets worse with stress. We’re living unnatural lifestyles, and we’re paying the price.

There’s a simple solution to help add balance to unnatural lifestyles. Get into nature. Be more active. And create a space to relax and unplug.

Time on Your Deck Will Help You Focus on What Matters

If you’ve ever felt overworked and frazzled, you know that taking time out can help you stay focused. It helps you do your work well—and be fully present to your family.

They probably want to go outside with you.

A deck can be a great place to rejuvenate, connect with loved ones, and get some of nature’s natural medicine.

If this sounds like a better life to you, give us a call. We’re here to make it happen.

Now Is the Time to Buy a Low-Maintenance Deck

You’ve wanted a deck for a long time, but something is holding you back.

You’ve been following the price of lumber throughout the pandemic and it isn’t looking pretty. It’s gone up and up and up some more. If you were forced to buy a wood deck now, it would have you biting your fingernails.

We have good news for you. The cost of composite decks has not matched the spike in cost compared to all-wood decks. In fact, now is the perfect time to invest in a low-maintenance deck that will last for decades.

Low-Maintenance Decks Aren’t Affected by the Price of Lumber

We build most of our decks with a composite material that’s part synthetic and part recycled wood. They’re beautiful, they’ll outlast your neighbor’s cedar porch, and they won’t give you splinters.

The boards don’t split or warp, and their price has stayed stable rather than soaring into the stratosphere like wood decks.

Environmentally Friendly Decks 

Even more, composite decking is the most environmentally friendly option on the market. The wooden component doesn’t require cutting any new trees, and the synthetic part is recycled, too. Unlike wood, composite materials don’t require staining or chemical treatment, so there’s no risk of contaminating the environment.

Of course, if you really must have lumber as part of your deck plan, you can always mix and match. We’ve built hundreds of lovely mixed decks–you can find our favorites here.

Beautiful Decks to Last a Lifetime

If you want our opinion, composite decks look so good that most people never notice the difference. And you won’t have to worry about screws and splinters snagging on your socks. In fact, you won’t have to worry at all. We call our decks low-maintenance for a reason. Many composite decks will last as many as 50 years.

Your grandkids will thank you.

So why wait? Contact us today, and together, we’ll develop a deck plan that’s right for you.