DIY decking materials from large box stores are tempting because of their low price point compared to the high-grade warranty-backed materials used by the professional deck companies. While the brand name is recognizable, the reality is the manufacturers have produced watered-down versions for the DIY box store customer. The result is you save more now and pay more later.

Adding a deck to your home should be viewed as an investment in your home. Good investments take the long view. Hiring a custom deck builder is the safest and wisest way to add a custom deck to your home. We’re going to take a closer look at the risks of DIY decks and how they actually cost you more than using professional-grade materials and professional deck construction companies.

DIY Decks – What Could Go Wrong?

The deck is one of the most common DIY projects. However, many things can and do go wrong with decks. There’s the footings, lack of permits, the height, quality of materials, clearance from property lines, and lot more. One of the biggest issues comes with that attachment to your home. If it’s not attached correctly, you may find yourself dealing with water infiltration and costly damage to doors, window, flooring, and sub-flooring.

Deck Design and Planning

Before you start sourcing your materials, you first need to design and plan your deck. Where do you want it? Is where you want it feasible? How large will it be? How tall? What kind of railing, lights, and stairs will your deck have? If you’re already overwhelmed, don’t feel bad. Designing and planning a deck is difficult. There are more variables to consider than most people realize. When you go with a professional deck builder, you know you’re getting a deck that’s going to work from a structure and aesthetic standpoint with your home. Professional deck building companies have software that can render an accurate picture of what your deck will look like, and give you an accurate number of material costs and time to complete the project.

DIY Deck Construction

Putting all the materials together correctly to build a functional and aesthetically pleasing deck will require a massive time investment if you’re not trained in the deck building. Everyone’s time is worth something. If you want to turn your building a deck into a several month project and chip away at it after work and on the weekends, you can. However, for most people, the time commitment in fixing mistakes, making repeated trips to the hardware store, and getting people to help aren’t worth the extra resource costs that come with DIY deck construction. You will save money on materials, but spend more on everything else, and your deck will not be the same quality as a professionally built deck.

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