Depending on your layout, raised decks are a perfect addition to two story homes. A custom raised raised custom deck with drainage systemdeck provides additional living space, extending both your first and second level to the outdoors. From the materials, to the design to the aesthetics, our Omaha custom decking company builds raised decks that are durable and beautiful.

With raised decks, as opposed to ground level decks, part of its usability, durability and aesthetic appeal is related to deck drainage. Deck drainage systems are ideal for raised decks because they deflect water by collecting it and driving it away from the home and foundation. Allowing air flow and ventilation is vital to the life of your home’s structure and of the deck. Deck drainage systems will also provide your Omaha home with more usable living space below the custom raised deck. It’s attractive and durable, and will help brighten the space below the deck – making it more usable and enjoyable.

At Decks, Decks and More Decks all our custom decks are built with safety, longevity and beauty, all while meeting your family’s needs. A raised custom deck with a deck drainage system will only add to the function and beauty of your custom deck.