Trusted Omaha TimberTech Decking Provider

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Decks, Decks and More Decks is dedicated to providing excellent service, design and materials to its Omaha customers. Deciding to build a custom deck onto an Omaha home is an investment; and deciding on the team and materials is crucial for the long-term value and appeal it’ll provide a home.

Our Omaha custom deck team has built thousands of decks across the Omaha-metro. And one strong asset our custom deck company provides is its trusted decking material and manufacturers. Decks, Decks and More Deck is a trusted provider is TimberTech decking material – composite decking and railing. Composite decking is low maintenance and never needs to be stained or sanded. Its durability is proven, as it resists mold, mildew scratches, stains and damage from termites and rot.

Timber Tech also provides an industry leading 30-year Fade & Stain Warranty. Unlike cedar decks, Decks, Decks and More Decks’ low maintenance custom decks built with TimberTech decking won’t fade. They also provide added beauty to our Omaha custom decks with wood graining texture and a variety of color options.

As a trusted TimberTech contractor, Decks, Decks and More Decks is confident in its craftsmanship and materials for custom decking. Give us a call today for a free consultation!

AZEK Provides Quality Custom Decking Material

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Decks, Decks and More Decks prides itself on the quality craftsmanship of our Omaha custom decks. But quality craftsmanship is nothing without quality material. As a platinum ranked AZEK contractor we show commitment to providing the best and most beautiful decking material on the market.

With an enhanced real-wood look and strength backed by Alloy Armour Technology, AZEK’s capped polymer decking materials are top of the line in quality and beauty. AZEK’s decking is proven to stand against harsh weather, stains, fading and scratching. It’s low-maintenance decking material requires no annual sealing and staining, and it is mold, mildew and moisture damage resistant.

As a platinum ranked contractor with AZEK, Decks, Decks and More Decks has shown commitment to integrity and quality. Our custom deck builders are experts in design, material and construction, and it is our promise that we will continue to seek the education necessary to bring our Omaha customers the best technology for their custom decks.

AZEK decking is backed by a 30-year limited fade and stain and a limited lifetime warranty for cracking, cupping, and more. Call Decks, Decks and More Decks today for a free Omaha custom deck quote and to learn more about AZEK’s quality materials.

Adding a Raised Deck to Your Omaha Home

Depending on your layout, raised decks are a perfect addition to two story homes. A custom raised raised custom deck with drainage systemdeck provides additional living space, extending both your first and second level to the outdoors. From the materials, to the design to the aesthetics, our Omaha custom decking company builds raised decks that are durable and beautiful.

With raised decks, as opposed to ground level decks, part of its usability, durability and aesthetic appeal is related to deck drainage. Deck drainage systems are ideal for raised decks because they deflect water by collecting it and driving it away from the home and foundation. Allowing air flow and ventilation is vital to the life of your home’s structure and of the deck. Deck drainage systems will also provide your Omaha home with more usable living space below the custom raised deck. It’s attractive and durable, and will help brighten the space below the deck – making it more usable and enjoyable.

At Decks, Decks and More Decks all our custom decks are built with safety, longevity and beauty, all while meeting your family’s needs. A raised custom deck with a deck drainage system will only add to the function and beauty of your custom deck.

Consider a Custom Deck for Your Omaha Home this Holiday Season

The holidays are a time to be with people we love – eating good food, giving and receiving thoughtful gifts, playing games and making sweet memories. And while the holidays seem to be a likely time to create memories with family and friends – why not also during the warmer months? A custom deck built by our Omaha deck company is a perfect extension of your living space to host family and friends.

So as you consider the things to give to your family this holiday and throughout the year, why not consider contacting Decks, Decks and More Decks for a free quote on a custom deck? For over 35 years we’ve been adding custom decks to Omaha homes with the highest quality craftsmanship, beautiful low-maintenance material and expert advice. Your home is your biggest investment and building a custom deck onto your home is investing in your property and in your family.

Consider contacting Decks, Decks and More Decks this holiday season to get a jumpstart on a custom deck to enjoy this spring. A custom deck on your Omaha home is the perfect place to enjoy good food and good company once the ice and snow melt away.

Happy Holidays to you and yours!

Always be Prepared for Winter with a Low-Maintenance Deck

Our Omaha deck building company offers many options for decking material; and as winter approaches the durability and low-maintenance needs of using wood-alternative technologies will serve you well through a long, cold Omaha winter. With little-to-no winter prep and no winter maintenance, you can rest easy that a low-maintenance deck from Decks, Decks and More Decks will cause you no extra headache.

low-maintence decking in OmahaDepending on your needs and budget, our experienced custom deck experts can advise on decking material, lighting, balusters, rails, benches, etc. Our low-maintenance decking options retain it’s beauty and durability through all seasons. So as winter approaches and the weather begins to shift, Omaha homeowners will not have to be concerned with splintered, warped or faded boards as temperatures freeze and thaw, and moisture begins to collect.

Winter can be hard on a deck. Moisture rot can be costly to repair because the damage is typically spread over a larger area and may require foundation repair in addition to surface corrections. But trusting Decks, Decks and More Decks to build a safe custom deck with quality, low-maintenance materials will give you a long-lasting deck that will easily withstand long, hard Omaha winters.

Valuing and Respecting Our Customers

At Decks, Decks and More Decks, our longevity and experience in the deck building industry partnered with our quality, low-maintenance decking materials allow our team of Omaha custom deck builders to build beautiful, quality custom decks. But above our craftsmanship is our customer service.

We are diligent to ensure Omaha homeowners are an integral part of the custom deck building process. At Decks, Deck and More Decks, we realize a homeowner’s time is valuable. When it comes to any major home improvement project, we also understand that homeowners want to ensure their money is well-spent from start to finish. So when you schedule a free consultation with us, we make efficient use of time. By visiting the property before a sit-down meeting, it allows us to gain a better understanding of the project. When coming to our office, we will have a 3D rendering of a custom deck built to your specific needs. It’s always helpful to see a product before purchasing it, and to understand where your investment is going.

Our custom deck building process is completely tailored to ensure customer satisfaction from start to finish, as we value homeowner’s needs and opinions. Contact us for a free consultation and a custom 3D rendering of your new, custom deck.

A Long-Lasting Choice in Low-Maintenance Custom Decks

Our Omaha decks are built with quality and craftsmanship that hold-up to long-term wear and tear. When our Omaha custom deck team designs and builds a deck, we anticipate that it will be enjoyed and loved – which is why we use the best in low-maintenance decking. With its low-maintenance needs and its ability to stand against time, the value is hard to beat.

low maintainence decking in omahaOur custom deck Omaha professionals specialize in low-maintenance decks, which allows for more enjoyment and less work on the part of homeowners. Our low-maintenance decking means no splinters or cracked boards – not to mention it’s an environmentally responsible choice. And though wood-alternative technologies are a viable option, our Omaha custom deck professionals also offer mixed-decks – a combination of cedar and low-maintenance material – for a long-lasting, durable and beautiful choice.

Our deck building company is the highest rated low-maintenance custom deck company in the Omaha area. Our free consultations and 3D renderings will clearly show you what a custom deck would look like on your Omaha home. Add beauty, enjoyment and value to your home with a custom low-maintenance deck.

Custom Deck vs Patio

Adding a custom deck to your Omaha home extends living and entertaining space, and increases Omaha Custom Deck with Mixed Materialthe value of your home. Often, when Omaha home owners are considering updating their outdoor space they consider adding a deck or patio. Depending on your home, yard and needs – one likely makes more sense than the other; and our Omaha custom deck builders can help you decide if a deck or patio will work best.

Adding a custom deck to your home can produce a strong return on investment. By extending your living space to the outdoors, a home’s value and sell-ability increase. And a custom deck built by a professional custom deck builder in Omaha will be a home addition with guaranteed durability and craftsmanship.

A deck is also more versatile than a patio. You don’t need level ground and can extend it over a variety of terrain. By choosing a custom deck, installation can be easier, since the structure is built above the ground. This means that tree roots, wet ground, even big slopes can be easily overcome. Also, a custom deck allows for more flexibility creativity in location – including elevated.

A custom low-maintenance deck can also provide a safer entertaining/play space for families, as compared to a concrete or brick patio. At Decks, Decks and More Decks our low-maintenance deck materials are splinter free and safe for kids. Additionally, our low-maintenance deck materials come in a variety of colors to match your home.

A custom deck is a perfect option to increase usability and versatility of outdoor space. Allow our Omaha custom deck builder help you decide if a custom deck will be your best option.

Balusters for Custom Decks

The decks our Omaha custom deck builders plan and construct are unique to each homeowner’s space and preferences. These preferences range from size to decking materials to balusters. With a wide variety of materials, our custom deck building team can provide Omaha homeowners with a truly unique deck.

custom deck balusters omahaDeck balusters (or sometimes referred to as spindles) come in a variety of different materials. From cedar, to composite to aluminum, your options are endless. Our professional custom deck designers and builders can help you narrow your choices, and select a baluster to fit your home and decking material. Many aluminum balusters come in different shapes and designs – including arcs, twists and baskets. Additionally, lighting is also available in aluminum balusters.

At Decks, Decks and More Decks our goal is to provide quality custom decks to homeowners in the Omaha-metro. This includes quality craftsmanship from our Omaha custom deck builders, quality low-maintenance decking materials and quality accessories that truly make our decks custom.

Building a Custom Deck with Quality Materials and Unique Patterns

It’s June and deck season is upon us. Our Omaha deck builders are out across the Omaha-metro Trex-decking-omahaenhancing homes and family time with new custom decks. When it comes to planning a custom deck, choosing an experienced Omaha deck building company like Decks, Decks and More Decks ensures you use reliable material, receive creditable advice and see quality craftsmanship.

At one time, most decks were built with high maintenance cedar wood; but newer technology provides Omaha home owners with low-maintenance decking materials that’s safe, durable and beautiful. Custom deck colors are not bound by stain colors, but offer countless textures and colors – due to TimberTech and Trex numerous wood-alternative options.

A custom deck is not only unique by its color and texture, but also by its pattern. Our Omaha deck experts can plan and build a deck that fits your home and provides unique beauty in its design. These patterns can be difficult to plan for a DIY deck builder, but our deck builders have the technology and skill to provide a unique deck.

Call Decks, Decks and More Decks today and make sure you don’t miss out on this summer’s deck season. Our Omaha deck experts can plan and build the deck of your dreams.