Low Maintenance Decking Needs No Winter Preparations

Deck season in Omaha will soon be coming to an end. And while Omaha homeowners are likely making winter preparations for sprinkler systems, furnaces, vehicles, etc., Decks, Decks and More Decks’ customers with low-maintenance custom decks are doing zero preparation or worrying about their decking in preparation for the winter months.

Traditionally, cedar decks suffer from wear and tear during every season. From extreme temperatures, sun exposure and moisture, cedar decks take a significant amount of care during its lifetime. A low-maintenance deck made of composite decking has many advantages. Composite decking is mold-resistant and not susceptible to mildew or other toxic growth in winter months. Low-maintenance decking is also not vulnerable to temperature changes, blowing wind or freezing and does not warp, split or crack under extreme conditions.

Our low-maintenance custom decks provide Omaha homeowners all the enjoyment of a beautiful outdoor entertainment space without the hassle of preparing for the winter months.

High Visibility Railings for Increased Safety and Aesthetics

High visibility railings are an excellent choice for homeowners who want safety and aesthetics. Custom Built Omaha Deck with Glass BalustersCustom decks are for enjoyment, and glass balusters or panels help many homeowners enjoy their deck and outdoor space even more.

Whether glass balusters or panels, high visibility railings are excellent for the safety of pets and children. With minimal space between balusters, it’s less likely little hands will be stuck. And with clear railings, added visibility allows you to watch kids and pets playing in the yard while kicking back in your lounge chair. 

Decks with glass railings are also low maintenance and do not need to be stained, treated, painted or finished to maintain their beauty and durability. This is an important benefit because decks are continuously exposed to the sun, wind and water; and glass will not weather. Made of tempered glass, like a car windshield, it’s durable with little need for upkeep.

Give our custom deck company a call to schedule a consultation and find out how you can increase enjoyment in your yard with a custom deck.

Craftsmenship and Communication, Behind All We Do

Decks, Decks and More Decks of Omaha works tirelessly for its customers. We strive for excellent communication and craftsmanship. And while building custom decks is our specialty, we realize that the construction portion of our service is only a small part of our job.

Caring for people and for their homes is at the heart of all we do. With thousands of decks under our belt and over 37 years of in business we strive to build beautiful, safe decks for your family’s enjoyment.

Our customers say it all. With some of the highest ratings on Angie’s List and Google, our customers have been incredibly generous with powerful testimonials, speaking to the quality of our work and communication.

If you’re considering a custom deck for your Omaha home, please give us a chance to earn your business. Your family will enjoy the investment for years to come.

Add to Outdoor Enjoyment with Custom Deck Accessories

At Decks, Decks and More Decks, our custom deck builders build custom decks from a variety of materials.  We can build decks that wrap around pools and spas. And we can build decks to any specification. Our specialty is custom decks… built to the specific needs of our Omaha customers. And part of what makes our decks custom are all the additional features and accessories that make your deck unique.

omaha cedar custom deck with benchesNo matter the material you select for decking – low-maintenance wood-alternative, cedar or mixed decks – accessories and features will add to your family’s enjoyment of a custom deck. Benches can be built into any custom deck for additional, low-maintenance seating. Planters can be added for additional beauty. Lighting can offer function and aesthetic appeal for evening outdoor events.

A custom deck for your Omaha home can be customized to fit your family’s entertaining needs. Many times, these additions need little-to-no maintenance – strictly adding to the enjoyment of your custom deck. Call our custom deck builders today to see how we can add to your outdoor enjoyment.

Custom Arbors for Shade and Beauty

Pergola and arbor are often confused to be the same type of structure. And while they are both outdoor structures built with posts that support an open roof of beams or lattice – they are, in fact, different. Our custom deck Omaha team designs and builds both.

We’ve already discussed pergolas in a previous post, but an arbor is considered a freestanding structure that serves as an entrance to a part of a yard or garden, often with plants climbing up and overhead. Arbors include two or four posts with a simple slatted roof. The sides of an arbor can be open or covered with lattice or trellis work for a more enclosed effect, and to help vines better attach.

Arbors, particularly in small or narrow gardens, add a structural element, frame an opening or entrance way, provide privacy to the homeowner and acts as a vertical growing element. Using an arbor as an entry provides privacy and frames the entryway. If the space is narrow and long, using an arbor can help to break up the space into smaller areas or rooms for different uses.

The purpose of an arbor will define its size, placement and material. Our Omaha deck builders are experts in many outdoor structures – including pergolas. Give us a call to discuss how we can enhance the beauty and function of a backyard with a custom pergola.

Less Work and More Enjoyment with a Low-Maintenance Custom Deck

Decks, Decks and More Decks provides low-maintenance custom decks to the Omaha-metro. Low-maintenance decking allows for more enjoyment and less work on the part of homeowners, not to mention there will be no splinters or cracked boards.

Enjoy a low maintenance deck on your Omaha homeBuilding a custom deck, requiring little-to-no maintenance, is an investment in your home, your resources and your valuable time. This spring, while all your neighbors have been busy refinishing their cedar decks and replacing rotting decking – our Omaha custom deck customers can just pull out the furniture for instant enjoyment.

And for our low-maintenance custom deck customers who may have experienced issues with their decking after the winter… our low-maintenance decking materials are backed by industry-leading warranties. So, our customers can be confident in the function and beauty of their custom deck for years to come.

If this spring you’re longing for a comfortable outdoor space to enjoy, but dread extra work in this busy season of life, call our Omaha custom deck builders and we’ll provide a free estimate!

Providing Shade with a Custom Pergola

Our custom deck Omaha team not only designs and builds beautiful outdoor entertaining space, but also enhances that space with accessories and functional shade coverings. The summer sun is hot, and a custom pergola can provide the small bit of shade your family and guests need to enjoy a summer’s day on your custom deck.

A pergola is a shade covering with cross rafters and no walls. Pergolas provide protection from the sun, while offering air flow. Adding a pergola maximizes your usable outdoor space by adding an area for outdoor furniture that is somewhat protected from the elements. A pergola creates visual interest, and you can add flowering vines to grow up and over the rafters and down the vertical posts. A pergola can also be decorated by hanging planters or other design elements from the rafters.

A clear advantage to a pergola is that you can determine how much sun and shade the pergola provides. Our Omaha deck builders can survey the area taking into account the season, time of day and the angle at which the sun shines to determine how to angle the rafters. By varying the size, spacing and orientation of the rafters, shade is truly customizable.

A beautiful outdoor entertaining space for your Omaha home doesn’t have to be JUST a custom deck. At Decks, Decks & More Decks our custom deck experts enjoy taking a custom deck and adding accessories and functional shade to ensure customers get the most out of their custom deck.


Trusted Omaha TimberTech Decking Provider

TimberTech logo for Omaha TimberTech Contractor

Decks, Decks and More Decks is dedicated to providing excellent service, design and materials to its Omaha customers. Deciding to build a custom deck onto an Omaha home is an investment; and deciding on the team and materials is crucial for the long-term value and appeal it’ll provide a home.

Our Omaha custom deck team has built thousands of decks across the Omaha-metro. And one strong asset our custom deck company provides is its trusted decking material and manufacturers. Decks, Decks and More Deck is a trusted provider is TimberTech decking material – composite decking and railing. Composite decking is low maintenance and never needs to be stained or sanded. Its durability is proven, as it resists mold, mildew scratches, stains and damage from termites and rot.

Timber Tech also provides an industry leading 30-year Fade & Stain Warranty. Unlike cedar decks, Decks, Decks and More Decks’ low maintenance custom decks built with TimberTech decking won’t fade. They also provide added beauty to our Omaha custom decks with wood graining texture and a variety of color options.

As a trusted TimberTech contractor, Decks, Decks and More Decks is confident in its craftsmanship and materials for custom decking. Give us a call today for a free consultation!

AZEK Provides Quality Custom Decking Material

AZEK Logo for AZEK Deck Contractor

Decks, Decks and More Decks prides itself on the quality craftsmanship of our Omaha custom decks. But quality craftsmanship is nothing without quality material. As a platinum ranked AZEK contractor we show commitment to providing the best and most beautiful decking material on the market.

With an enhanced real-wood look and strength backed by Alloy Armour Technology, AZEK’s capped polymer decking materials are top of the line in quality and beauty. AZEK’s decking is proven to stand against harsh weather, stains, fading and scratching. It’s low-maintenance decking material requires no annual sealing and staining, and it is mold, mildew and moisture damage resistant.

As a platinum ranked contractor with AZEK, Decks, Decks and More Decks has shown commitment to integrity and quality. Our custom deck builders are experts in design, material and construction, and it is our promise that we will continue to seek the education necessary to bring our Omaha customers the best technology for their custom decks.

AZEK decking is backed by a 30-year limited fade and stain and a limited lifetime warranty for cracking, cupping, and more. Call Decks, Decks and More Decks today for a free Omaha custom deck quote and to learn more about AZEK’s quality materials.

Adding a Raised Deck to Your Omaha Home

Depending on your layout, raised decks are a perfect addition to two story homes. A custom raised raised custom deck with drainage systemdeck provides additional living space, extending both your first and second level to the outdoors. From the materials, to the design to the aesthetics, our Omaha custom decking company builds raised decks that are durable and beautiful.

With raised decks, as opposed to ground level decks, part of its usability, durability and aesthetic appeal is related to deck drainage. Deck drainage systems are ideal for raised decks because they deflect water by collecting it and driving it away from the home and foundation. Allowing air flow and ventilation is vital to the life of your home’s structure and of the deck. Deck drainage systems will also provide your Omaha home with more usable living space below the custom raised deck. It’s attractive and durable, and will help brighten the space below the deck – making it more usable and enjoyable.

At Decks, Decks and More Decks all our custom decks are built with safety, longevity and beauty, all while meeting your family’s needs. A raised custom deck with a deck drainage system will only add to the function and beauty of your custom deck.